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The Philosophy Foundation is an innovative, dynamic and unique educational charity whose aim is to bring philosophy to schools and the wider community. We are the only charity in the world that trains philosophy graduates to do philosophy in schools in order to develop children's autonomous learning and higher-order thinking skills. We aim to equip young people for life-long learning, giving them critical and creative thinking skills essential for the 21st Century.

The Philosophy Foundation believes that philosophical enquiry, both in the development of reasoning and creative thinking, and in the exploration of central questions such as 'how should we live?' or 'how do we decide what to believe?', is crucially important to education. Philosophy develops the art of learning to learn and encourages more thoughtful and reflective children enabling them to participate in society more independently.

We also work with teachers to support the development of good pedagogic practice, and to make our work more sustainable.

The Philosophy Foundation aims to reach out to the community by running family and community philosophy groups, philosophy for children in care, and those who are not in education, employment or training.

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